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Why choose Palmy Painters?

Palmy Painters are you local and professional team of painters in Palmerston North. 

We specialise in all aspects of commercial and residential painting with an emphasis on providing a quality finish that lasts!

Specialised Painters for Every Job

Whether it’s water or oil based paint, stain or varnish – our professional painters got the know-how to achieve a quality result.

We Take On All Painting Work

No job is too big or too small for your professional team of painters in Palmerston North

Free Quote & Consultations

We provide a free onsite measure and quote service to make sure your job is always on budget.

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Book a free quote and paint consultation today to help you get your painting project started on the right foot.

Palmerston North Areas Served:

Palmy Painters work all around Palmerston North so if you are searching for the top painters near me, then look no further than us!

Awapuni, Cloverlea, Fitzherbert, Highbury, Hokowhitu, Kelvin Grove, Linton, Linton Camp, Longburn, Milson, Palmerston North, Roslyn, Takaro, Terrace End, Westbrook, West End.

Interior Services

Wall Painting

From first primer coat to final top coat, we guarantee that your walls will look uniform, neat and without any shadow spots.

 A quality painted wall starts with the right foundation and that’s why we also offer gib stopping services so that we can setup the surface just the way we need it.

With our quality surface preparation work, you can be sure that your walls will be looking the very best they can be.

Whether it’s new gib that’s just been installed or walls in a 100 year old home – rest assured they’ll be painted with care and attention to detail. 


Decorative details like architraves and skirtings are our speciality. With many old villas and historic buildings in Palmerston North, we have honed our craft and developed the specialist skills to paint your decorative details with care.

Doors & Windows

Are your windows thick with multiple layers of paint, are they chipped, faded or is the glass streaked with paint?

Are the doors looking dull, dirty or tired?

Palmy painters are your team for the job as this is one of our specialties.

Whether you want to touch up the coat of paint or go for a completely different colour or look, we will strip back the paint to the base material and make sure the quality is there from the start.

Staining & Refinishing

Staining and refinishing decks, furniture and wooden details in homes is another service that we provide.

We understand that some woods look the best when their grain is enhanced and emphasised – rather than hidden behind a coat of paint.

We can apply a neat coat of stain or varnish to any wooden details in your home to help protect and bring out their natural beauty.

Cabinet Painting

Older homes with built-in kitchen cabinets can be given a whole new life with a fresh coat of paint. 

We can remove the decades of paint layers and bring those cabinets back to a blank canvas – providing you with the option of either painting or staining the wood to fit with your home colour scheme and design.


Outdoor Services

House Painting

House Painting in Palmerston North is what we are known best for and it’s one of our proudest services.

Seeing a home get restored to it’s proper beauty with a new coat of paint is just as satisfying to us as it is to the proud owner.

If you are looking for a Palmerston North house painter that takes pride in each and every project we do, and can be trusted to take care of your home – then Palmy Painters is the team for you.

House Painting Palmerston North

No house is too big or small and we have the know-how to paint every exterior surface, from plaster to weatherboard and everything in between.

Deck Painting

What’s a summer without spending quality time on the deck!

We love summer as it’s usually around this time where we are painting or staining decks all over Palmerston North.

Whether they are freshly built decks or older decks that are needing a touch-up coat for paint ready for the new season, we paint and stain them all.

Deck painting is a great way to enhance and protect the outdoor entertaining area from the outdoor elements and we only use the best paints to ensure that your new paint job will survive the summer (and many more after that.)


Fence Painting

With thousands of kilometres of fences in Palmerston North, it’s safe to say that fence painting is a popular service.

Essential for enhancing street appeal, home value and tying in the design of the property – deck painting is a cost effective way to achieve a lot with a simple coat of paint.

We’ve been painting fences in Palmerston North for over 20 years and can guarantee a quality finish or whichever type of fence you have.

Picket, wooden or metal – whatever the material or style, we can paint it.

Roof Painting

Roof painting is an essential service for any home as it not only effects the look of the home but also it’s durability against the elements.

A quality roof paint can protect the material from the harsh rains and intense sun that Palmerston North can bring down all year and add years to the life of a roof.

Palmy Painters can take care of the whole process, from organsing the scaffolding to surface preperation and of course the roof painting. One call can sort it all.

pressure Washing

We understand that you want to keep your new painted home looking the best it can and a great way to do that is with pressure washing.

We can pressure wash your exterior surfaces to effectively remove any dirt and grime that has built up naturally.

Save the weekends for yourself and let us take care of the cleaning, it’s what we do and what we love.

Design & Consultation

Paint Colour Samples

Palmy Painters only uses the best paints from Resene, Dulux, Cabots, British Paints and we carry a full colour chart of each producer’s colours.

Each company has their own shades and hues so in order to help you make the best choice for your home or commercial building, we are happy to provide you with a colour consultation.

Interior Design

Palmy painters works with interior designers on many projects and can recommend the right one for your project. 

An interior designer can help you design a look in your home that reflects your personal style whilst boosting property value.

Painting Consultation

Every one of our painting jobs in Palmerston North starts with an onsite consultation.

We’ll visit the site and get a feel for the job and provide a free measure and quote. There is no salesman tactics or obligation to accept the quote.

About Us

Committed to Quality House Painting Since 1987

Palmy Painters started in June, 1987 by my dad Peter.

I started my apprenticeship with him every school holidays since I was 12 and by age 17, I was working full time at Palmy Painters.

Hi, my name is Victor Barnes and I am the proud owner of Palmy Painters. Your professional painter in Palmerston North.

My goal is to provide every one of my customers a beautiful coat of paint that we all can be proud of – only the best will do.

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House Painting Testimonials

Palmy Painters were simply superb! Can't recommend them highly enough. Had the team come over last month to help paint the interior of our newly renovated home in Palmerston North and they were very professional, clean, and did an excellent job.

Tim Roberts 

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Client Since 1995

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Client Since 1995

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Client Since 1995


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